Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table Review

Harvil MLS Striker Soccer TableAll care and consideration has been taken in the design of this foosball table before its creation even left the drawing board. Obviously, with the end result being the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table intended for the home market, protecting your home from knocks and scratches while the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table is in use has been of paramount importance. Evidence of this can be seen in the design of the L-shaped legs whose design culminates with the adhesion of non-marking pads intended to protect your floor surfaces and protect your table while the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table is in use. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is $344.94 but, buy it online at Amazon and you can get it for $299.95. If, however, you are in a position to be able to buy the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table immediately, or in the very near future, you can benefit from a pretty good saving.

 Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table Review

Currently, Amazon are offering the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table for sale on their website for just $174.49. That is a whopping 49% saving on the manufacturer’s full list price! Amazon advertises that they still have plenty in stock but, even so, you will probably have to wait a few days before your new Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table is dispatched as Dazadi is the distributor so, when you place your order with Amazon, your new Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table has to be dispatched to Amazon from the Dazadi warehouse before your purchase can be sent out to you. Each one of the robot foosball men have been molded from ABS plastic: this plastic is tough! A similar grade of plastic is molded around the handles of each of the carefully painted, high-quality steel rods that manipulate each of these playing figurines. Each of these rods consist of ½ inch diameter chrome-plated steel.

Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table ReviewSome Best foosball Tables are played with three goalies. This increases the speed of the game, making it more frenetic and causing the human players to lose much of their inhibitions as play can get quite raucous. Other foosball games can be pre-set prior to the game commencing, either playing as three goalies, or as one goalie. The Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table, however, is a single-goalie foosball table – although, perhaps, no less raucous, for all that! The actual playing surface of the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table is made from CARB Certified wood which is a particularly strong MDF and ideal as a material for games table playing surfaces. Meanwhile, the rounded legs consist of ½ inch black laminate. Once assembled, the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table weighs 40lbs. The length of the table is 48 inches, while the width measures 23 ¾ inches, and the height is a standard 32 inches.

The dimensions of the playing surface of the Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table is 40.5 inches long, by 23 inches wide, and 4 ¼ inches in depth, with the actual surface itself being ¼ inch thick. When you add the MLS graphics as well as the emblems for each team, the human players can really enter into the spirit of the moment, reliving the emotive elements of all Major League Soccer games as each person manipulates their corresponding little player for all they are worth. Harvil Major League Soccer Striker Soccer Table may only reside in your home, but it is the spirit of MLS that lives on in Harvil MLS Striker Soccer Table.

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